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How to make a violin yourself

You will need
  • Lower and upper parts of the body, 6 mm spruce stick, bass handle, tool kit, strings, scissors, drill, glue, chisel, clamps, sheets of paper.
Position the bass head on the upper left half of the instrument.
Remove the jumpers when creating samples in the body of the violin. The walls of the hull shall be brought to a thickness of 5 mm.
Take the neck and saw off a wedge from it. Glue on the back side.
Saw the upper surface of the violin with a hacksaw (use a narrow hacksaw), after making a marking on the ruler.
Strip the neck, and make it rounded, and using a chisel, remove pieces of wood.
Glue both sides of the violin and place it under the press for a while. At this time, make a bar neck. Please note that one of the parts must be wedge-shaped.
Position the bar on the body and neck using glue. Give polishing.

Video: DIY Miniature Violin 🎻

DIY Violin
How to make a violin yourself

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