Building our first Wattle Fence

How to make a wicker fence

You will need
  • - willow twigs;
  • - metal stakes;
  • - carpenter's hammer;
  • - wire.
Harvest a vine to make a wicker fence. Early spring and late autumn is the best time to prepare twigs, since the frozen ground allows you to easily get to the bushes. For a wicker fence, use willow twigs or shoots of other trees and shrubs. The rods must be flexible, even and long. For a large fence, the thickness of the vine should be 2-3 cm. The shoots 1-2 cm thick are suitable for decorative fence.
Shoots cut with a knife, making an oblique cut. Bundle the prepared vine into bundles and dry. In this state, the rods can be stored for a long time. Before use, they are steamed to give them flexibility. You can make a wicker fence from freshly cut shoots without removing green leaves.
Decide on the view of the fence. It can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical resembles an ordinary fence.In the horizontal fence, the bars are arranged as in a wicker basket.
To support the fence, prepare stakes with a diameter of 6 cm with a pointed end. Treat the butt edges (pointed ends) with any antiseptic or char them on the fire. Unprotected wood will quickly rot in the ground.
You can use metal pipes as stakes. To do this, insert a piece of pipe into the ground, and attach a wooden post to it.
Stake every 50 cm around the perimeter of the plot. Ensure that they are equal in height.
For a vertical fence, make at least three crossbars between the posts, otherwise the rods will not hold in the fence. They will serve as the basis for weaving. For crossbars take thick branches. Pre-remove their bark. Secure them at equal distance between the posts.
Take the vine and lower it with a thick end. Weave it horizontal rows and cut at the right height.
For horizontal fence no crossbars are required. To prevent such a fence from disintegrating, fasten the tips of the rods with wire. Begin to weave from the ground to the required height.
To do this, put the thick end of the vine behind the second stake, wrapping the first part in the flexible part. The result will be the "eight".Wrap all the pins so that each rod is a continuation of the previous one.
Periodically compact the vine by tapping on it with a carpenter's hammer. Make sure that the ends of the rods are located on the inside of the hedge. Cut them with a knife, and fill the ends of the last row along the stakes. Wicker fence varnish.

Video: How to Build a Wattle Fence

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How to make a wicker fence

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