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How to make apple pie in the bread maker

You will need
  • - bread maker;
  • - 5 eggs;
  • - 5 grams of vanillin;
  • - 200 grams of sugar;
  • - 200 grams of flour;
  • - 2 apples.
Make sure you have a working bread maker and get to work. Prepare enough deep dishes. Break eggs into it. Then take the mixer and whisk them until a thick and high foam appears. Now it is the turn of vanillin and sugar. Add them to the eggs and continue to beat until the foam increases in volume.
Beating eggs with a mixer
Prepare the flour and gradually pour it into the bowl. Do not stop whipping. Wash the apples thoroughly and peel them from the peel and core. Then cut them into neat slices and add to the dough. Mix everything thoroughly.
Apple preparation
Grease the shape of the bread machine with enough oil and sprinkle with flour. Extremely carefully pour the cooked dough into the mold, cover with a lid and set the "Baking" mode. Apple pie should be prepared in about 1.5 - 2 hours. The main thing is not to miss the period of readiness.
Work with bread maker
It is not recommended to open the lid during the first hour of cooking the charlotte. But after the first hour, periodically check it for readiness. To do this, some use a wooden stick, which is immersed in the dough and see whether it is dry or wet. When the apple pie gets a nice brownish color, it will be possible to pull the treat out of the breadmaker.
Charlotte is ready!
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In the above recipe, the number of ingredients is calculated for making a delicious sponge cake with apple filling for about ten servings. If necessary, the dosage can be increased.
Helpful advice
Try in the process of cooking apple pie to use the mixer, and not to beat by hand. Otherwise, cooking will take a lot of time.
Also in the dough, you can add baking soda as a baking powder. And as a filling, you can use not only apples. If desired, you can add to them, cherries, cranberries, walnuts, lemon zest or dark plums. It is not necessary to take sour apples for cooking.
The pie filling can be cut arbitrarily.Pieces can be large and small. You can then stuff in the pan with butter to make it more delicious. If desired, you can add alcoholic beverages such as brandy, rum or brandy to the filling. Lemon juice is recommended to use, so as not to darken apples.

Video: Apple Pie From Scratch

How to Make Apple Pie - Apple Pie Recipe Easy
How to make apple pie in the bread maker

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