How To Make Homemade Condensed Milk Recipe - Made with Only 2 Ingredients (HUMA IN THE KITCHEN)

How to make condensed milk at home

You will need
  • - Milk;
  • - sugar;
  • - butter;
  • - a bowl;
  • - spoons;
  • - pans;
  • - stove;
  • - dividers.
Decide on the purpose for which you decided to make condensed milk at home. Perhaps this is a tribute to the experiment: you like to cook something new. Perhaps - you want to make condensed milk with some special additives. The third one is quite common and, unlike the first two, it�s a sad option - an allergic child grows in a family and it is especially important for you that there are no banned chemicals in its diet, for example, preservatives and stabilizers that are so richly packed with store milk. Today it is widely represented on the shelves and hypermarkets of large cities and shops in rural settlements. With a variety of types, we should be grateful to globalization and a highly competitive market, and they are also charged with the frequent use of the cheapest raw materials, supplemented by �yeshkas�.As a result, opening a bank, the consumer often gets quite the opposite of what he expects. Required for milk processing enterprises GOST was replaced by numerous specifications that have such a number of tolerances that remains amazing. Here, not only milk powder, but also its substitutes, and also vegetable fats - in particular, cheap palm fat, and water with water-holding reagents, and much more, absolutely for �Soviet� condensed milk is unacceptable. In general, your decision to cook condensed milk at home is not surprising.
Buy the "right" milk. Much has been written and said about this another painful topic. Unfortunately, a significant part of what retail offers and on which the proud inscription �Milk� flaunts, is such a stretch. It seems that there are regulatory laws that prohibit the implementation of so-called milk under the guise of milk. "Milk-containing" products, but only things are there. The classic situation is when �the lower classes do not want, but the tops cannot�, shifted to the motive of the food industry. The purchase of milk from livestock farms at some point became unprofitable for intermediaries who sell products to stores, and the livestock breeders themselves do not break through.As a result (thanks to the surrogates), the quality of shop milk leaves much to be desired, most likely it will not work out to cook delicious condensed milk from it. The way out is the milk of small producers, for example, local state farms, which are available to us at weekend fairs and small shops. Two other ingredients that you need to prepare for condensed milk - sugar and butter.
Start cooking. First, pick up the dishes: the milk itself is prone to burning, and in the company of sugar, and during long cooking - even more so. Therefore, choose a cast-iron or other thick-walled pan, and under it put a few circles-dividers, rather tightly mounted on each other. With the help of these simple devices you can adjust the heating uniformity. Grease the pan with a good piece of butter; you can take 50 grams for this purpose. Grease carefully, in a circular motion, spiraling from bottom to top. Such an operation significantly minimizes the risk of "runaway". Pour 2 liters of milk into the pot, put on a small fire. Your task is to boil milk by a third.Of course, it is much easier to boil milk for homemade condensed milk in a pressure cooker or a slow cooker that has a thermostat with the ability to smoothly adjust the heating. If you have such �helpers� - fine, then cooking condensed milk at home is easier than ever.
Boil the syrup, for which 800 g of sugar, take 500 ml of water. Bring to a boil when foam appears - reduce heat. And then keep on the smallest fire, but do not stir. You need not just to dissolve sugar in water, but to bring the mixture to a consistency, which in the language of professional confectioners is called �fine thread breakdown�. To determine the readiness of the syrup, drip them on a wet saucer, and after a few seconds, dip your finger in the drop and lift it. The syrup has reached the desired concentration when the drop is pulled up by the finger. It is time to pour syrup to boiled milk. It is very important to pour in a thin stream and milk while continuously stirring. First, your homemade condensed milk will turn out without lumps. Secondly, you will save yourself from unnecessary burns. Continue to stir for another 10 minutes. The mass should become absolutely homogeneous, a bit shiny.The basic version of condensed milk prepared at home is ready. Condensed milk can be poured into jars, capped, cooled and put in the fridge. And you can add spices, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, nuts, berry puree - anything that the soul wants. Two important nuances: both spices and nuts must be pre-calcined in a dry frying pan. Such a maneuver will protect against the use of moist raw materials that have already absorbed the corresponding odor. So that the humidity does not spoil the taste of homemade condensed milk - it is better to err. The second nuance: a thin shell covering the nuts must be removed.

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How to Make Condensed Milk - Gemma's Bold Baking Basics Episode 2
How to make condensed milk at home

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