How to make delicious tea

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You can not brew tea in a metal bowl!
If the water is instantly colored when brewing, the tea is not completely natural, which means it is tasteless and not healthy.
Brew tea only once. And drink freshly brewed tea immediately. After some time (not to mention re-boiling with boiling water, it is generally unacceptable) tea loses its useful properties.
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In ancient China, tea brewing water was brought from the purest mountain springs, and rainwater was used in Vietnam. For modern tea drinking, rainwater is hardly useful, but the cleaner and softer you have it, the better. For making delicious tea, use well-purified water through the filter, and even better - spring water.
Buy tea in specialized stores, pay attention to the shelf life.
The higher the grade of tea, the better its taste and aroma.
Brewing tea is necessary in a porcelain, clay, glass or silver kettle.Cups should be thin-walled.
Experts say that the most delicious tea is cooked in a Russian samovar on the wood.

Video: Masala Chai (Indian Masala Tea)

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How to make delicious tea

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How to make delicious tea

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