How To Make Homemade Weights (DIY Dumbbell) Gym at home/#2

How to make dumbbells

With the following method, you can make dumbbells that will weigh much more than dumbbells from bottles. Prepare the following materials: a pair of cans (from condensed milk, or similar), if you need large dumbbells - you can take cans of paint, which exist in different sizes, a piece of metal pipe (about 20 cm), cement mortar.
We make dumbbells:
1. Take two jars, rinse and dry them.
2. Take one jar, fill it with cement mortar.
3. Insert one end of the metal pipe into the solution.
4. Hold for a couple of minutes until the solution begins to thicken and the pipe will hold itself upright.
5. Leave the future dumbbell until the cement is completely cured.
6. Fill the second jar with the solution.
7. Insert the free end of the pipe into it, which is poured into the first can.
8. Hold for a while.
9. Secure the pipe in the desired position and leave it to solidify.


Images: How to make dumbbells How to make dumbbells
Images: How to make dumbbells How to make dumbbells