How to Make a cast of Your Hand

How to make hand casts

Take a measuring cup, a fork, a plastic container, and also a mold for modeling, which can be used as a simple bowl. If you purchased a kit for creating casts, then you will find in it a bag of 3D gel. Pour 100 g of powder into the bowl and prepare 160 ml of warm water. The colder the water for dilution of the gel is, the slower it will harden.
Wait until the child falls asleep, so that the procedure for taking an impression does not frighten and disturb him, and powder the prepared water. Stir the mixture thoroughly with a fork until you get a smooth, lump-free consistency. Take the bowl by the edges and tap the bottom of the hard surface of the table or chair.
This will get rid of air bubbles in the solution. Until the gel has stiffened, dip the child’s open palm into it, and then its foot. After some time, the gel should harden.
The hardening time depends on how warm or cold was the water in which you diluted it. After curing, carefully remove the gel tins from the handle and legs of the baby.
In a small plastic container, dissolve the gypsum powder in water and stir with a fork. The composition should acquire the consistency of liquid sour cream and not have lumps. Gently pour the gypsum solution into the silicone mold from the frozen gel.
Gently tap the bottom of the molds on the table to expel the air bubbles. Thus fill in two forms and wait 30-40 minutes for the gypsum to harden. You can check the degree of hardening of the plaster with your hand - during the hardening process, the plaster heats up.
Turn the molds upside down and remove yours from them.casts.

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Images: How to make hand casts How to make hand casts
Images: How to make hand casts How to make hand casts
Images: How to make hand casts How to make hand casts