How to GROW YOUR NAILS FAST!!! (actually helpful information)

How to make the nails are not stratifying

Most often, this phenomenon has a seasonal nature, and, accordingly, women are overtaken precisely when their bodies are sufficiently weakened or they simply lack some vitamins. This situation is observed in the autumn-winter period, as well as in the spring, when the vitamin supply is not yet replenished.
In order to replenish the body's vitamins necessary for normal nail growth, care should be taken to ensure that your daily diet is completely balanced.
In order to balance the food you need to eat foods such as milk, beans, figs, almonds, dates, cabbage, caviar, carrots, sea buckthorn, butter, egg yolks. On ournailsA variety of detergents is very negatively affected, which is why doctors recommend using gloves.
In this case, traditional medicine can also help you in many ways. Moreover, the recipes that it offers are quite simple.For example, smear for the nightnailsiodine. It absorbs very quickly - in the morningnailswill no longer be yellow.
Also positive onnailsaffected by lemon. You need to cut it in half and stick it all for a few minutes.nails. If you do not have a lemon on hand, you can use other sour berries. It can be cranberries, lingonberries or currants.
The next popular recipe is vegetable oil with lemon juice. This mixture should be applied every night before going to bed for 10 days. Along with this, you can also use salt baths for nails, which help them to strengthen and eliminate brittleness. After the salt bath, you can immediately apply tonailsiodine, because after this procedure, it penetrates the nail plate much better.
If you notice that your marigold has just begun to exfoliate, immediately take steps to restore them. Indeed, over time, the situation will only get worse and there will be very big problems. So, dear ladies, take care of natural marigolds - the beauty of your hands!

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Images: How to make the nails are not stratifying How to make the nails are not stratifying
Images: How to make the nails are not stratifying How to make the nails are not stratifying