Part Of Fortune In Sagittarius

How to part with Sagittarius

Remember that a Sagittarius male is so sensitive that he does not tolerate even trivial criticism or your silent disapproval. Therefore, constantly criticize his clothes, his work, his pet, and especially his friends. Make him change his hairstyle or image. Dictate your will to him, categorically insist on his point of view even in small things, teach him how to dress and how to behave with colleagues. Be extremely incontinent. Look for the bad side in all his endeavors.
How to part with an archer
To bring things to an end, constantly refute his optimism and his reckless belief in better. Refute it tirelessly. Become a melancholic homebody or just beech.

Video: How to UNDERSTAND a Sagittarius Woman PART ONE

How to UNDERSTAND the Sagittarius Woman PART TWO
How to part with Sagittarius

Part of Fortune in Sagittarius ♐
How to part with Sagittarius

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