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How to plant cucumber seedlings in 2019

You will need
  • - cucumber seeds;
  • - the soil;
  • - water.
An early crop of cucumbers can be obtained if grown in a seedling way. At the same time, the first fruits will appear 2-3 weeks earlier than on plants grown from seeds in the garden.
How to plant cucumber seedlings
Without cucumber seeds and seedling method can not do. First, prepare them according to the rules - soak for 15 minutes in a weak solution of manganese-acid potassium, then hold in a growth stimulator diluted with water according to the instructions. After that, place the seeds in a saucer and place in a refrigerator for a day for hardening. Then sow them in separate pots.
When the seedlings turn 20-25 days, it’s time to plant them in a permanent place. If you have a polycarbonate greenhouse, a heated glass greenhouse, then plant cucumber seedlings in early May. If cucumbers grow under light cover or in the open field, then it should be done in the middle lane not earlier than May 20.
For cucumbers, in addition to heat, a certain composition of the soil is very important.They feel good in light soil rich in organic matter. If many other plants are not very fond of semi-overgrown compost or manure, then cucumbers grow well on this soil. But prepare the bed properly and in advance - a week before planting.
Make it 50–60 cm wide. Dig up the soil and dig a trench 25 in the middle and 30–40 cm wide. Put the cut grass, half-cut organic, in a 20-30 cm layer. Spill this filling with water and lightly tamp. Above surely sprinkle with earth, you can the one that remains from digging a trench.
Plant cucumbers in 1 or 2 rows in a staggered manner. The distance between the plants should be at least 30 cm. First, make indentations with a shovel, spill them. Plants from the tank need to get very carefully, because they like to disturb their leaves, and even more so the roots.
Cut the container on the side, put it on the palm, turn it upside down. In this case, the stem will be between the index and ring finger. On the roots should remain a lump of earth. Now carefully place the young plant in the hole and sprinkle with soil.
Pull the seedlings. When she takes root, then provide her with a night temperature not lower than + 16 + 20оС. This is especially important when cucumbers start to produce crops.The fruits grow mainly at night, so at + 20 + 25 ° C at night and + 25 + 27 ° C during the daytime, the harvest will be canceled.

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How to plant cucumber seedlings in 2019

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