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How to privatize an apartment

You will need
  • collect the necessary documents, pay the state duty
Get consent toprivatizationfrom all persons over the age of 14 who are officially registered in this living space. Including from persons temporarily absent (serving in the army, in prisons, etc.), otherwise arrangeprivatizationnobody will allow you. If you want to register ownership of an apartment only for yourself, all other adult family members will have to write a waiver from participation in privatization.
Collect all the necessary documents for privatization. The complete list will depend on your specific situation. For example, if you and your relatives, who are going to apply for ownership of housing, since 1991. often changed addresses, then you will have to visit all passport offices to the places of residence, BTI bodies, and if the move took place in 1999 and later, then the Federal State Registration Service at the same address and get certificates there that were previously eligible for freeprivatizationnone of you have been implemented. When you draw up documents, check the correctness of filling out all information, the presence of dates, decrypted signatures and seals of all officials issuing certificates, and also watch out for the validity periods of these certificates. It is possible that you will have to receive some of them again.
Hand over the collected documents to the “One Window” service (provided that it is in your city). It can be issuedprivatizationtogether with registration immediately. From you will be required: a statement with the signatures of all registered tenants privatizedapartmentsolder than 14 years, copies of their passports or other identity documents, birth certificates of children and receipt of payment of state duty forprivatizationhousing. If there is no such service, you will have to run in different instances.
Apply forprivatizationwith all collected documents to the Administration of your city. After receiving the contract for the transfer of housing to property, register your right to housing in the territorial body of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestre), only then it will enter into force and you will become the full owner of your home.

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How to privatize an apartment

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