Spiritual Protection: From Energy Vampires, Negative Entities & Bad Energies

How to put energy protection

The energy barrier that you create in your mind will help you even with a hypnotic or psychological effect that people of atheistic or agnostic attitudes easily subject to. Such a barrier is necessary for the peace of mind of those who sincerely believe in damage, the evil eye or love spell, inspired and trusting people. But to create such a barrier, it is necessary to spend energy and strength, it must be maintained constantly so that it is as efficient as possible.
The traditional protection against unauthorized feeding of your energy is various amulets and talismans, which ancient people believed in the magical effect. Amulets as jewelry are worn in places where the pulse is most easily sensed; they are considered the most unprotected. These are the wrists, temples, the inner side of the elbow, the depression under the neck. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and tiaras protected vulnerable places for energy vampires.Use such stones and metal amulets as decoration, and you will also be energetically protected.
The sages of the East, yoga, advise to use special symbolic figures from the fingers for energy protection - mudras. In a certain way, the folded fingers allow you to direct energy flows in the right direction, to protect a person from extraneous energy impact. At the first signs of energy discomfort, connect the thumb and index finger on both hands into a ring, do not press them too hard so that an uncontrollable loss of vitality - prana does not occur. It also protects well from the energy impact of the Shambhala Shield mudra. Squeeze your right hand into a fist and press it to the open, outstretched palm of your left hand.
Use the power of thought to create energy protection.

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How to Create a Protection Energy Bubble or Ball
How to put energy protection

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