How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode

How to put the site on the people

Get an account on the service "" Open the home page and click "Create site". In the window that opens, click on the link "Register". Fill in the fields required for registration.
Fill in the fields of the first step: First Name, Last Name and Login. It is better if the login name matches the name of the site (for example, http: //
Create and enter a password in the second registration field. Next you will need to enter the answer to the secret question, and then - the numbers of the security code of the service. After that, click "Register".
Make and save a copy of the entered registration information on the “” service. Then go to another page via the link “Start using the service People”.
Run the site builder wizard. To do this, click on the button "Create site". In the opened window, the Yandex site creation wizard will appear. Fill in the required fields, answering questions, then the “Site Designer” will open.
Click on the "File Management" button to open the file manager. With it, you can upload files to the hosting. To do this, click on the button “Upload file”, then “Select file”.
Select the desired file in the window that opens and click the "Open" button. After that, it will be uploaded to the server hosting. You can upload to “People” up to ten files, the size of which should not exceed 5 MB.
Create an image folder on the hosting server in order to upload images. Click on the "New folder" button, type the name of the folder. Then put images into it.
Refresh the image of the Workshop after downloading the files by clicking the Refresh (Reload) button, then the website page will reload directly from the hosting server. Test the work site in the network. To do this, open its address in the browser.


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How to put the site on the people

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