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How to reduce envd area

Analyze the efficiency of the use of the hall. Determine whether it is possible to rent out any part or convert it to a utility room.
Make manipulations with the room space. Commercial space is considered part of the premises, which is used for the sale of goods, and in the case of catering, which is intended for customer consumption of food and leisure activities. These provisions are established by Art. 346.27 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Thus, the place of storage and storage of goods, as well as the area for receiving dishes and making payment are auxiliary and are not subject to tax on UTII.
Conclude two lease agreements for the premises if you are engaged in trade. The first contract will correspond to the sales area used for the sale of goods, and the second will relate to the place of storage and demonstration of goods. Attach a BTI plan to each contract in which it is necessary to independently divide the premises.According to the tax legislation and the letter of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 03-06-05-05 / 43 dated December 21, 2004, the UTII tax will be calculated for each contract separately. Divide the room with partitions into the sales area and the room for the demonstration of goods, hanging before the second sign.
Highlight in the BTI plan the area of ​​the queue and food, if you are engaged in catering. According to letter No. 03-11-04 / 3/143 of March 21, 2008, this plan serves as a title and inventory document for calculating the area subject to UTII. The letter also notes that areas that are not designed for eating and leisure activities are exempt from tax.

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How to reduce envd area

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