What to Say When Someone Compliments You, and What Not To Say--Common Communication Mistakes We Make

How to respond to compliments

According to experts, most of those people who do not like compliments and do not know how to adequately accept them, lack confidence in their own abilities. The habit of accepting signs of attention is formed from childhood, so if parents criticized the child rather than admired him and his merits, as an adult he will have a firm and unshakable confidence that he has no virtues to be proud of.
Those who experience similar experiences are more than familiar, psychoanalysts recommend reconsidering their attitude towards compliments. If they are disturbing and out of balance, do not give them too much importance. Treat them easier, not trying to analyze whether you deserve them or not. Perceiving them as kind, polite and positive words in your own address, you seem to break the inner chains that bind you. For any compliment, it is enough to say the usual human “thank you”, without pushing yourself into the wilds of the subconscious.Constant work on your own self-esteem, its improvement, will help a person to take calmly the compliments of others.
A compliment given by a man has a special effect on a woman. He seemed to inspire and enchant. But since in many respects a compliment is one of the elements of successful communication, you need to treat it correctly. If a man expressed admiration for your appearance, culinary abilities or character trait, you should not flirt and deliberately degrade their merits. Even if this is mere flattery, accept it with a calm smile and gratitude. It is not necessary to respond with a compliment to a compliment. What is the point to take turns praising each other? It is much more appropriate to wait for the right moment, when the compliment will be appropriate and will be perceived as your personal point of view, and not a polite response to someone's praise.
If you receive a compliment and attention from a person who likes you, and you understand that he also expresses his sympathy to you, you can use all your abilities of seduction and even flirt in response to praise.Some girls start to be embarrassed, blush at such communication, men even like it, so if some words make you feel awkward, don't worry about your reaction, the main thing to remember is that you must behave naturally.

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Images: How to respond to compliments How to respond to compliments
Images: How to respond to compliments How to respond to compliments