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How to restore iTunes

iTunes saves user settings in the system folders of the operating system on the computer, so if you accidentally delete the application itself, simply reinstall it. At startup, it will automatically restore all previously accepted settings. You can also use the System Restore service, which is available in the Utilities folder in the Start menu of the Windows operating system. Specify a recovery point prior to removing iTunes from the system.
ITunes copies data from portable devices to your computer each time they are connected through a USB connection. Thus, if your phone, tablet, or MP3 player crashes, which caused data loss, simply connect the device to your computer, start iTunes, select the category of files you want to move (MP3 files, video clips, ringtones, etc.). ) and activate the "Sync" function. Files stored on your computer will be copied to portable equipment again.
To completely recover all data and system settings deleted on a portable device, use iTunes recovery. Backup copies of the current state of the system are saved by default on a computer each time the device is connected. If you need to restore information, connect your phone, tablet or MP3 player and click the Restore button on the Overview tab in iTunes. When the recovery is complete, your device will be rebooted. On the welcome screen, you will see the message "Customize." Following the instructions of the system, configure the device at your discretion or use a backup of the previously set parameters. Please note that previously connected cellular services will also be restored.

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Images: How to restore iTunes How to restore iTunes
Images: How to restore iTunes How to restore iTunes