Make windows 8 look like 7 (return of start menu)

How to return the classic Start menu in Windows 10


Modern Start Menu

This is how the modern “Start” menu in Windows 10 now looks. It has changed noticeably compared to the classic “Start” menu. The first thing that catches your eye is, of course, living tiles that can be dragged around the menu, resized tiles, grouped, renamed groups of tiles. You can also change the size of the Start menu by stretching it with the mouse. The section of frequently used programs is preserved. It has become easier to navigate through all installed programs. Access to the parameters of the computer also left. By right-clicking on the Start menu there is an opportunity to open many additional parameters, including the control panel, network connections, task manager, device manager and others.

Start Menu in Windows 10

Classic Start Menu Using Windows 10

But how to return the Start menu to a classic look? In short, in the Windows 10 operating system itself there is no way to return to the classic menu. You can only bring it closer to the classic look. For this:

  • disable all live tiles; To do this, right-click on each tile and select "Detach from the initial screen";

Turning off live tiles in Windows 10

  • change the size of the Start menu by dragging the mouse by the edges to the desired size;

Change the size of the Start menu in Windows 10

Well, we did something similar to the classic Start menu. If it is necessary to completely recreate the “same” classic menu, then one cannot do without special utilities.

Classic Start menu in Windows 10 using third-party programs

There are many programs that give the Start menu a classic look. The most popular ones areIObit Start Menu,Classic shellandStardock start10. The same programs, by the way, will replace the missing Start menu in Windows 8, and also return the classic look to Windows Explorer. The first of them has support in Russian, which is important.

The illustration shows, as an example, the standard Start menu of Windows 10 and the menu configured by the Start10 program.

Windows 10 and Start10 menu comparison

All these programs have a large set of settings, stable in operation and compatible with Windows 10.

Video: How To Get Classic Start Button Back in Windows 10

Classic Shell: The Return of the Start Menu (Windows 8/8.1)
How to return the classic Start menu in Windows 10

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