Getting Strawberry Plants Ready for Winter

How to save strawberries for the winter

The first and easiest way is to freeze

In order to send the berries in the freezer, they need to sort out, removing all rotten, overripe or tainted by insects. Then the strawberries need to be washed, dried on a paper towel, and only then laid out in a container. You can freeze strawberries in special containers, they are sold in stores or plastic bags. It is more practical to freeze in a container, the berries will remain intact, but this method will not work for those who have limited space in the freezer. When freezing berries in a package, you should not strive to score it to the eyeball, it is best to put strawberries in one or two layers, let the air out, and then tie it. A flat bag is easier to store in the freezer, and it will be more convenient to break a piece apart. From frozen berries, you can cook compotes and jelly, add to pastries and desserts.

Drying berries

This method is suitable for those who do not like frozen berries, or have a small freezer.You can dry the berries yourself, without buying expensive drying equipment. For drying, you need to take small berries, otherwise there is a chance that strawberries just rot. So, the berries need to sort, wash and dry, then spread out on a tray or cardboard and place in a dry, dark and warm place, which do not fall into direct sunlight. For such purposes, perfect dry shed or attic. Do not forget from time to time to turn the berries so that they dry evenly. You can still pick berries together with the stem, tie in small bunches and hang to the floors in the barn. Compote is made from dried berries or brewed instead of tea.

In addition, compote and jam are made from strawberries, made into jellies and jams.

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How to save strawberry roots for next year
How to save strawberries for the winter

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