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How to sew a carpet

You will need
  • - fabric from wool, from which you will cut shreds of the sizes necessary to you;
  • - thread in tone of fabric (preferably cotton);
  • - safety pin;
  • - fabric that will serve as a lining for the carpet.
Cut the wool fabric you have prepared into strips, the width of which should be about 6 cm. If you have planned to sew a smallcarpetsize 75h45, then you will need strips about 120 cm long. If the fabric is shorter than the desired length, you will have to sew a few strips.
Take two strips of the same fabric, put them to each other at an angle of 90 degrees and sew them together (on a sewing machine, you can manually) at a 45 degree angle. The fabric at the seam must be cut off, leaving the "tail" no more than 0.5 cm.
So, all the bands are cooked, you can begin to weave our carpet. To do this, with the help of a pin, you need to fix the ends of three strips together at the level where weaving is convenient for you, weave a pigtail, and fix the ends with a pin so as not to be tangled.Weave 11 braids of contrast fabric.
Put the finished pigtails in a row so that the combination of colors is best for the rug.
Next to each other, we put two braids on a flat surface and equal their ends, sew, make a stitch, alternately passing one braid through the edge, then the other, while retreating about 9 cm from the edge of the product. You do not need to tighten the thread too much, and also make sure that the stitches on the front side are not noticeable. The end of the seam must be fastened, making an additional few stitches, retreating from the edge of 9 centimeters. Thus, you sew all the harvested pigtails.
Take a red wool fabric, cut it into strips and stitch it so that the three widths of our rug are equal to the length of one strip of fabric. The strip should look like a tube. To do this, sew its long edges.
Pass the tube of red fabric across the braids, alternating them in a staggered manner, and fasten it on the opposite end of the carpet with several stitches. Do not over tighten. Then go back, again twisting pigtails with a pipe.
Straighten the ends of the braids. Fix the end of the red fabric tube.Cut off the unnecessary tip and tuck the rest under the edge of the product. Treat the opposite edge of the carpet in the same way.
It is necessary to sew the lining to the inside of the rug. To do this, putcarpetfix the lining fabric upside down with pins, and fold the edges 2-2.5 cm. At the same time, check that the lining does not look beyond the edges of the carpet. And, if everything is normal, sew the lining perpendicular to the pigtails. When stitching alternate small outer stitches with long inside. Lining fabric must be fastened with stitches on the entire product. Yourcarpetready!

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Images: How to sew a carpet How to sew a carpet
Images: How to sew a carpet How to sew a carpet