TreT in Moscow (Parkour Dog From Ukraine in Russia`)

How to start doing parkour in Moscow

Many dream of parkour and would like to join this flow. In principle, those who want to start practicing they have only two options: to start independent training or join one of the many communities of tracers.

Independent classes in parkour in Moscow

Where to start to engage in parkour? Of course, from a comprehensive theoretical acquaintance with the history of this movement. It is worth reading the forums devoted to parkour, perhaps the blogs of famous tracers will be useful. At this stage, it should be noted for yourself what difficulties novice parkour lovers encountered and how they overcame these difficulties.
Be sure to pay attention to the terminology in order to further speak the same language with your peers. The network has posted a lot of training videos for athletes of different levels of training and many of them are really worthy of attention.
After sufficient time has been devoted to theoretical training, you can begin to master the basic elements of parkour. The most convenient way to do this is in parks, squares, stadiums and sports grounds. It is not necessary for a newcomer to attract excessive attention to himself while exercising right on the street, because a neophyte who does not yet have sufficient skills can not only injure himself, but also injure a person passing by.
In your daily routine, be sure to include exercise, jogging, or any other physical activity, because the implementation of even not very complex elements of parkour is available only to a person with a flexible and trained body.

Begin to engage in parkour in Moscow in the group: is it possible?

Many well-known parkour teams periodically conduct master classes and exchange experiences with newcomers in the form of friendly meetings. Most often, they are held in sports clubs and stadiums. All these events are announced on social networks, and all those who subscribe to the Internet page of such a community will learn about such meetings in advance.
For beginners interested in parkour, a special training block is held.He is watched by instructors, who then divide the neophytes into groups depending on the level of their initial physical training.
Later several times a week, members of each group, under the guidance of a coach, shoulder to shoulder more and more complex elements of parkour. This allows everyone to gradually improve their skills and find friends among other members of the parkour community. After completing such a course, yesterday's newcomers in parkour already have a decent average.

Video: Parkour training run on the rooftop in moscow

Moscow traceurs urban ninja! Parkour
How to start doing parkour in Moscow

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