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How to stretch shoes at home

The service of stretching shoes offer many shoe shops. With the help of special expanding pads, your shoes are stretched to your size; this method is especially effective when it comes to widening narrow boots of leather boots. But you can stretch the shoes at home, for this there are both special tools and popular methods tested by many generations.
In order to stretch shoes or shoes, you can purchase specialized sprays or stretch foam at a shoe store. For example, Duke Of Dubbin, Salamander, Twist, Kiwi, Salton, Silver, Oke have proven themselves well. They soften shoes in tight places and are especially effective in cases when you need to stretch a little soft leather shoes. Spray or foam on the problem areas of the shoe inside and out (for lacquer or suede shoes only from the inside), wetting the material abundantly, then put the shoes on terry or wool socks. Walk in shoes until the product is completely dry, usually it takes about an hour.If necessary, repeat the procedure two or three times.
One of the most effective folk ways to stretch shoes without the use of specialized sprays is treatment with alcohol, which softens the skin. For this you can use cologne, vodka or alcohol, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Liberally moisten shoes with this solution inside and outside (you can use a spray gun or a cotton pad soaked in liquid), put a sock on and walk around the apartment for an hour or two. However, for colored shoes, alcohol-containing liquids should be used with caution: if the paint is unstable, it can “float”. Therefore, first carefully rub with a cotton swab is not the most noticeable place and see if the cotton wool is stained.
Too hard shoes or “packed” after seasonal storage of the pair can be softened with the help of castor oil or vegetable oil, or petroleum jelly - they soften the skin perfectly. Handle shoes in the same way as before, and wear them out. After a few hours, the shoes must be thoroughly cleaned from oil that has not been absorbed. This method is suitable not only for shoes made of genuine leather, but also for products made of synthetic materials.
To expand your shoes, you can treat it from the inside with a 3% vinegar solution.It will also help you soften and stretch the shoes, which squeeze the toes of the feet. Outside shoes can be treated with other means for stretching shoes. The disadvantages of this method include the rather pungent smell of the agent - but the vinegar disappears quickly enough.
It is also possible to stretch shoes that rub the foot in separate places with the help of paraffin, that is, an ordinary candle (a white household candle without dyes is best suited). To do this, the inside of the shoe must be rubbed with a candle and left overnight. In the morning, clean your shoes from paraffin. If the shoe rubs the heel, you need to process the heel with alcohol, walk in shoes with socks until the alcohol is dry, and then wipe the heel of the shoe with a candle or soap.
Another popular folk method of stretching shoes - wet newspapers. Especially well it is suitable for processing of cloth, rubber shoes and demi-season leatherette shoes, not afraid of moisture. To do this, it is necessary to moisten the shoes well, after which as much as possible firmly fill it with lumps of newsprint and leave to dry. Once every 3-4 hours, newspapers that have absorbed moisture must be changed, otherwise the shoes may be deformed.Continue the process until the shoe is completely dry. It is important that the shoes dried in natural conditions, away from sunlight and heating devices, drying on the battery is also better to exclude.
If the shoes are too hard - stretching with newspapers can be made more effective if you use very hot water for wetting or you can pre-process the shoes with steam. To do this, hold it for 10-15 minutes over a kettle or a pan of boiling water so that the steam goes "inside". However, one has to keep in mind that not all shoes are able to withstand the aggressive effects of temperature, therefore, it is better not to risk using expensive spectacular shoes or shoes by choosing more gentle stretching methods.
Winter boots or boots can be stretched in the freezer - or, if outside there are subzero temperatures, on the balcony. You just need to put a plastic bag in the shoes, fill it with water and leave overnight. It is advisable to use two packages for each shoe, with the bottom packages to tie, and the top leave open. The secret of this method is that the water in the bags tightly filled shoes from the cape to the backdrop.When freezing, it slowly expands and stretches the shoes. In the morning, take out your shoes and wait until the ice has melted and the bags can be removed. The procedure for freezing shoes, if necessary, can be repeated. The method is effective, but for expensive shoes to use it is still undesirable. In addition, it must be borne in mind that it can not be used for summer or demi-season shoes, not designed to operate at sub-zero temperatures - otherwise the skin may stretch, but the sole will crack.
You can stretch leather shoes in the opposite way - with the help of heat treatment with hot air. Using a hair dryer, heat shoes or shoes for a minute or two. Then immediately grease the shoes with a stretcher for shoes and put on shoes or shoes on a terry sock. After the shoes have cooled down, repeat the procedure in the same sequence. And so several times, until the shoes "sit down" on the leg as you need.

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How to stretch shoes at home

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