How to Surprise your Man in Bed in a Just 1 Second

How to surprise a husband in bed

The easiest and most effective way to excite a husband is to appear before him in beautiful sexy lingerie. Experiment with stockings, corsets, garters - your husband will certainly appreciate it. Inadvertently find out what color of underwear he likes best and dare!
It is worth remembering that it is necessary to take into account the plans and strengths of your beloved man. Do not disturb your husband if he is very tired after work. A man should be mentally and physically ready for the upcoming sex.
Try with your husband to arrange role-playing games. Buy in the sex shop costume Red Riding Hood and offer your husband the role of the lustful wolf. You can also try the costume of a nurse, stewardess, maid.
During sex, do not restrain yourself, surprise your husband with loud moans and squeals. Some men like it when the beloved shouts out vulgarity and indecency during intimacy. If you are ready for anything, you can try this option.
Try new positions with your spouse.Make love by the light. Not necessarily have sex in bed, try new places, such as a table in the kitchen, a washing machine in the bathroom.

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Husband pulls off surprise bedroom makeover
How to surprise a husband in bed

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