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How to teach a traitor

Reasons for treason and methods of punishment

What should be done with a cheater? First of all, analyze why there was a betrayal, maybe there is your fault here? For example, when you got married, you stopped looking after yourself, completely dissolved in your life, lost your individuality? Or, on the contrary, were you so passionate about work that you forgot about your spouse, his desires and interests? There can be a great many reasons for treason and, of course, far from each of them will be connected precisely with your mistakes and mistakes.
In any case, the fact of betrayal is obvious, and you should severely punish the traitor, and how severely you will deal with him will depend on the degree of his fault and your fault.
One of the methods to teach a traitor a lesson is to show genuine indifference to him. Remember that you are a self-sufficient free woman, forget about your life and work for a while, treat yourself: go to a beauty salon, buy a subscription to a swimming pool or gym, sign up for some interesting courses, such as driving, find an exciting hobby.
Your interests should not focus purely on her husband and his problems.Let him know that you will not arrange a showdown with the smashing of plates, that you are above it. First, your indifference can please the cheater, because he was expecting a scandal. Then he starts to touch - is he really so indifferent to you? Most likely, he will even have thoughts that you have a lover. But after all, you also need this: let him suffer, be jealous, worry!
Under various pretexts or without them, deny the traitor in intimacy, as, indeed, in other pleasures that you used to kindly bestow. Being accustomed to taking your care for granted, the traitor must understand that now he will have to cook, wash, iron his shirts, etc. for yourself alone. Remember that you and your feelings were grossly neglected, so you now have the right to apply the most drastic measures.
Learn how to be independent in everything, show a man that you are doing fine with all things and without him. But if you really need men's help around the house - to move something heavy or fix a faucet in the bathroom, ask your friend or call the master to the house. If the traitor had previously performed these duties on the house himself, your act will touch his male ego.
Revenge options can be a great many, the choice of a particular one, of course, is yours. But it is worth thinking about the consequences before, for example, making a lover or throw mud at a spouse in front of his friends and colleagues. It is unlikely that someone else would like to be used by you as a weapon of revenge, and it’s not very pleasant to be considered a brawler to endure personal problems to people, isn't it? Try to soberly think about, evaluate and act like a sensible woman who has not given in to a surge of emotions.

Do I need a divorce?

Do not rush to divorce, especially if your family has children. Perhaps your husband will be able to draw the right conclusions and appreciate the full degree of moral damage to you. If thoughts of suicide come to your mind, immediately drop them, swallow poison and go under the train due to the fact that you have been changed by a man, very stupid, ridiculous and reckless.
If you still can not forgive a traitor, and divorce is inevitable, the best revenge will be your happy, independent from your ex-husband life, filled with various interesting events, communication with friends, professional activities.In addition, there must always be a place in your heart for a new one - true love!

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How to teach a traitor

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