How to Transfer Files From PC to iPhone - iPad - iPod (Without iTunes)!

How to transfer files from iPhone

The program has its own settings and allows the user to customize their interface. So, you can set your pin-code in it, as well as register the detection of your own number.
In order to transfer a file, you must open the list of folders iPhone. Open the folder in which the file is located, and select it. After that, you will be taken to the next window, where you will need to select the device to which you are going to transfer the file. Please note that you can transfer music in .mp3, .wav and .aiff formats.
Choose the recipient of your files and send them. Do not forget that before sending files you will need to enter the pin code of your device in the event that you put it. In principle, the PIN code entry function can be disabled in the program settings. During the transfer, you will see the speed and percentage of the transfer, as well as the total number of transferred and transmitted files on the iPhone’s display.
If the transfer does not occur, check whether your iPhone and the device to which you are trying to transfer the recording are turned on, whether they are in Visible mode.
If you want to takefiles, then all you need to do is confirm the request to receive the file, and then tell the program which folder to write to. You can also refuse or accept the file.
In order to exit iBluetooth, you can simply click on the cross of closing the program. To run the program in the background, click on the Home icon. A characteristic feature of the program is the lack of interconnection with the Bluetooth device itself. They are not recommended to be included at the same time.
Although the program still exists for a very short period of time, and the company itself was not very concerned about its release (Apple is negative about copyright infringement, which in fact is any file transfer), iBluetooth is improving literally before our eyes.

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How to transfer files from iPhone

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How to transfer files from iPhone

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