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How to treat liver hepatosis

To cure hepatosis, follow these recommendations: Check with yourself the presence of diseases such as diabetes, pancreatic inflammation, etc., one way or another associated with metabolic disorders.
Diagnose possible diseases, formulate your complaints to establish the picture of the disease.
Do a liver biopsy.
Check if your liver is enlarged - if it is enlarged, it is possible that hepatic hepatosis is in the activation stage.
Nausea, pain in the side and problems with digestion suggest possible hepatosis or even its complications - other more dangerous diseases.
Determine how long the pain has been observed and when you have exacerbations (usually this is a fatty meal, drinking alcohol, etc.).
Follow a diet that excludes the consumption of salinity, fried foods, fatty foods, etc. - as during cholecystitis.
Exclude from food also sour foods, meat broths and generally heavy for the liver food.
Include foods such as: boiled cod, buckwheat and oatmeal, curd products. They are able to very well influence the cellular nutrition of the liver. It is better to eat less, but often - 4-6 times a day.
Completely refuse to take alcohol - this can save the body from rapid destruction and in most cases will prevent the flow of hepatosis to cirrhosis of the liver or the occurrence of various complications.
Take medications such as: Karsil, Legalon, Essentiale Forte.
Use in the treatment of herbs with choleretic properties, it is infusions of rosehip, immortelle.
Eliminate the impact on the liver of various toxic factors. Eat better, treat all chronic diseases of the digestive organs in a complex.

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Images: How to treat liver hepatosis How to treat liver hepatosis
Images: How to treat liver hepatosis How to treat liver hepatosis