10 Questions About Voting in Municipal Elections

How to vote in mayoral elections

Decide on a candidate. Look at the life history of each candidate, study their plans and promises. On the basis of these data, make your choice. If you can’t make up your mind, talk to your friends and relatives, maybe they can help you in choosing.
Voting in elections - the choice of the candidate
Find out the location of the election. Each person is “tied” to his polling station, voting at the other is possible only when submitting an application (see step 3).
To find the address of your polling station, go to the official website of the CEC of the Russian Federation (link below), click the "Find your polling station" button and select your place of residence. After that, the site displays the address of your polling station, the date of voting and contact information.
How to vote on elections - search for a polling station
Change your polling station (for those who want to vote not at the place of registration). To do this, you must come with a passport to the nearest polling station and report that you are registered elsewhere and cannot receive an absentee ballot.
After that, you will be given a standard application form, filling out which you will enter in the list of voters at the new polling station, deleting from the old one.
Please note that the time of the commission may be inconvenient, so it is better to do everything in advance.
How to change your polling station to vote in elections
On that date, you will be with a passport at your polling station. Following the signs, go to the election commission, sign and take the ballot.
Receipt of voting ballots in elections
Go to the voting booth. Mark the candidate you want to vote for. It is impossible to put several marks, otherwise the ballot will be considered invalid.
If there is no pen in the booth or she doesn’t write, ask her from nearby observers, this is their job.
How to vote in the mayoral election
Put the newsletter in a special hole in the urn. Done! You have successfully voted for your candidate.
How to vote in elections
Helpful advice
If at the time of voting you will be outside of Russia, a few days before the elections, visit the Russian consulate, where you can vote.
  • CEC RF: Find your polling station.

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Images: How to vote in mayoral elections How to vote in mayoral elections
Images: How to vote in mayoral elections How to vote in mayoral elections
Images: How to vote in mayoral elections How to vote in mayoral elections