How to Wear and Adjust a Concealed Carry IWB Holster

How to wear a holster

When choosing the type of holster, pay attention to the reliability of fixing the weapon and the ability to quickly remove it. The convenience of fastening the holster and the minimum dimensions are also important. In order not to accumulate dirt in the holster, chooseholster, not stitched from the side of the muzzle.
If you choose to wear a gun open or half openholsterWear it under the outerwear (jacket, jacket). The best solution would be to use a universal holster, which can be used with shoulder straps or attached to the waist belt.
With a shoulder (hanging) variant of wearing the holster, insert your hand through the looped belt and conveniently place the belt on the shoulder. The shoulder strap should fit tightly on the surface of the body to be invisible under clothing. The design of the shoulder holster provides the ability to adjust the straps to your height and body build. If you're right handed,holsterconvenient to have on the left shoulder - this allows you to quickly remove the weapon if necessary.
Flip the extra narrow strap attached to the wide shoulder over the right shoulder and attach it to the waist belt. The strap will not allow the holster to shift and fall off its seat. It is also possible the design of a suspended holster of two ring-shaped belts fastened together in the area of ​​the blades. Adjust the length of the belts, achieving a tight placement of the holster under the left axillary hollow.
Put in pinnedholsterthe weapon and fasten it with a strap (it is possible to fasten the strap with a button or velcro, which is less reliable). Put on outerwear and check how the mount of the holster provides stealth of wearing and ease of movement. If necessary, adjust the position of the holster and the tilt of the weapon.
When choosing a belt holster, place it on the belt from the side of the working hand. The attachment point of the holster to the belt is usually located on the back surface of the holster above the center of mass of the weapon, so that the handle is at the level of the waist belt.

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Images: How to wear a holster How to wear a holster
Images: How to wear a holster How to wear a holster
Images: How to wear a holster How to wear a holster