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How to wear suspenders

When choosing suspenders for a business suit, remember that they occupy the same appearance as a tie in their external appearance, therefore accessories must be in harmony with each other. An elegantly dressed person will use the color, pattern and texture of the suspenders to complete the look.
If your man prefers a tie with a pattern, then the ideal option for him would be solid-colored suspenders or a ribbon in a simple, inconspicuous strip.
Braces can also complement any of the accessories of the torso, repeat one of the colors of the tie, elements of a shirt or trousers.
Choose the right model.
Modern designers produce suspenders from different materials: leather, textiles, silk. Models of high-quality rubber can perform the function of a massager.
Initially, this accessory was produced in exact dimensions, but now it is only one standard length that can be adjusted.
Attachments can be different: metal clips, leather buttonholes on trousers, French clamps in the form of antennae.
Please note that suspenders are never worn with a belt.They are self-sufficient in maintaining the front folds and the back of the pants. On clothes designed to wear them, belt loops are not made.
Create the desired image.
If you need a traditional business style, use suspenders with a suit, tie and shoes.
A glamor image can be created with suspenders that hang loosely on the hips. Bright colors of the accessory and various combinations with clothes will make a man democratic and add freedom to the image.

Video: How to Wear Suspenders (and Why You Might Want To)

Images: How to wear suspenders How to wear suspenders
Images: How to wear suspenders How to wear suspenders
Images: How to wear suspenders How to wear suspenders