6 Public Speaking Tips To Hook Any Audience

How to win an audience

You will need
  • intuition, fantasy, suitable clothes
Prepare a speech. Even the most intelligent and knowledgeable people plan every meeting with people. Any question from the side can lead away from the topic, and the public likes confident speakers.
Dress so that the audience takes you for her. Remember the saying "Meet on clothes, escorted by the mind." It is still relevant. Find out before which audience you are to perform and pick up the appropriate costume. Workers are unlikely to perceive a person in bright club clothes, and businessmen should not go out in a sweater. People are more eager to perceive speakers similar to themselves. But keep in mind: you should be dressed slightly better than your average listener.
Get silence before your performance. Otherwise, you simply will not be heard. The audience will calm down for a minute if you step on the stage and just keep quiet and watch people.
Break the distrust of the audience at the beginning of the speech.One of the rules of a successful speaker: if you make a person laugh, he will treat you with sympathy. So make some funny blanks.
It is good if you can tell in the context of a speech some interesting facts from your life. Individualization is a win-win move.
And in order to finally break the ice of distrust, try to operate with facts relevant specifically to this audience. For example, speaking in front of factory workers, it is worth knowing their average salary. Weave this information into your presentation, and you will immediately become more interesting for listeners.
Speak to the audience in its language.

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Images: How to win an audience How to win an audience
Images: How to win an audience How to win an audience