Basics of Chinese Writing (Hanzi) Part 1/3

How to write Chinese characters

You will need
  • -paper;
  • - writing accessories;
  • brush and ink.
Experts recommend: study the Chinese letter should be gradual. Indeed, in the process of studying hieroglyphic writing, a person develops artistic perception and figurative thinking. That, in turn, leads to the harmonious development of personality. Writehieroglyphsusually with a pen or brush. In general, traditional writing involves writing in ink and brush on thin rice paper. As a rule, they writehieroglyphstop down and right to left. And to learn to draw a hieroglyph better with minimal components is a feature. When writing a trait, the writing tool should not be torn off the paper. The Chinese divide the features into 4 basic types - simple, complex, with a hook, a corner.
How to write Chinese <strong> hieroglyphs </ strong>
For writing a hieroglyph a notebook in a cage is ideal - so it will be better to see where you want to draw a picture. The simplest hieroglyph - a straight line, as a rule, denotes a number equal to the number of lines.But, when writing parallel lines, you need to remember that their length should not be the same.
How to write Chinese <strong> hieroglyphs </ strong>
The next component of the hieroglyph is the grapheme. It has a constant value and is included in the basic set of hieroglyphs, numbering about 300 such units. A hieroglyph, as a rule, consists of combinations of several graphemes. Grapheme is composed of several features, made both horizontally and vertically. It also often combines all kinds of features simultaneously.

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Images: How to write Chinese characters How to write Chinese characters
Images: How to write Chinese characters How to write Chinese characters