$TSLA Tesla Stock: SEC Sues Elon Musk -13.6% After-Hours

Ilon Musk has declared Tesla "bankruptcy"

The founder of Tesla is a person with a sense of humor. Billionaire Ilon Musk wrote in his tweeter about the bankruptcy of the organization Tesla. The news caused a strong interest in the person and the company in general. For those who do not know, the American company Tesla produces electric cars and deals with the conservation of electrical energy. From their activities it can be understood that the topic is relevant and important to the modern world, and the closure of the organization will bring serious losses not only to America, but also to other countries.


On the social network Ilon Musk published the following statement:

"You can not even imagine how badly Tesla company went bankrupt. We collected money, sold Easter eggs, but still went bankrupt. It's sad."

Continuation of the joke

April joke stretched out in several stages. The next step, which was decided by the American entrepreneur - a photo with a sign in his hands, which says "Bankrupt". But that is not all.

After a while, a new post appears on Twitter,in which it is roughly told about Ilona, ​​allegedly found near the Tesla Model 3 car unconscious, bottles of Teslakilla were scattered around, and tears prints could be found on her cheeks. Well, the caption to the photo was a very interesting phrase "Happy new month", which translated from English means "Happy new month". Thus, Ilon wished his subscribers happiness in April and hinted that it was a joke after all.

The most cunning fans noticed that something was going wrong even after the first post, but the naive girls and little boys wrote comments with support, they said that everything would work out. Someone even shed tears with Ilon, but that's another story.

Ilon Mask himself is in excellent condition, he continues to work for the good of his company, he is developing new development strategies and is getting rid of the debts that the company still has.

In every joke, as they say ...

There is still some truth in the April Fool's joke. It has long been known that Tesla, founded in 2003, by 2019 has debts of $ 675 million, judging by the results of four quarters.

More recently, it was reported that the company will withdraw 123,000 Model S cars. This raises a logical question - why.The answer is simple: problems with power steering were observed in such cars.

It remains only to wish Tesla success, wait for new models and, of course, believe in the best.

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Ilon Musk filed for Tesla bankruptcy

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Ilon Musk filed for Tesla bankruptcy

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