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Is it possible to cook fries in a slow cooker?

Cooking method

Some models of multicookers are equipped with a special device for cooking in deep fat. This is a metal basket that is immersed in boiling oil. If the frying program is not provided by the multicooker model, you can fry the french fries using other programs.
Cooking French fries, regardless of the recipe, is best in a few visits. The smaller the potato will be in the slow cooker, the faster and more blush it will cook.
You can prepare this dish in two ways: traditionally in a large amount of butter and almost without it. In both cases, the preparatory process will be the same. First, you need to properly cut the potatoes. Its slices should be smooth and neat. This effect helps to achieve a special grill for cutting vegetables. Next, the potatoes should be soaked to get rid of excess starch, and then dried.To do this, use a towel, a special napkin or dryer for salad and vegetables.
Dry slices need salt. If desired, you can give the dish a spicy taste. To do this, before roasting potatoes need to sprinkle your favorite spices, herbs, cheese, garlic or hot pepper. For fatty roasting, you need to pour a liter of oil into a multi-cooker, heat it to a boil in baking or frying mode, then put the potatoes and stir it constantly. Cooking is better with the lid open.
The oil used to prepare French fries cannot be reused after cooling. It accumulates carcinogens, and the product becomes harmful to human health.
The dietary method of cooking potatoes involves the use of a very small amount of oil. Enough two tablespoons. It is better to use refined oil of deodorized varieties. French fries are cooked in baking mode with the lid closed for at least an hour. Stir frequently during cooking.

Dishes from french fries in a slow cooker

French fries in a slow cooker can be cooked with various additives: meat, cheese, this case, you must first cook the meat in any suitable mode, and then add potatoes to it and bring the dish to readiness in baking mode. It is important that the meat does not give the juice, left dry after roasting. Otherwise, the potatoes will be stewed.
When cooking french fries with cheese, cheese should be added at the very beginning of roasting. Sliced ​​potatoes are first mixed with butter and spices, then sprinkled with grated cheese and cooked in baking mode for at least an hour. At the end of cooking sausages or wieners can be added to the slow cooker. A full dinner is ready.

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French Fries Recipe - Homemade Crispy French Fries Recipe
Is it possible to cook french fries in a slow cooker?

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