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Mila Kunis beauty secrets

By  | August 14, 2014

Today, August 14, Mila Kunis and her fans celebrates her 31st anniversary. It is hard to not agree that each year, she becomes more and more seductive. Find out what beauty secrets are helping her in this.

Mila Kunis beauty

Many know about thestory ofhow a girlwith a beautiful name,Milenafrom the Soviet Union(the futurestar was bornChernivtsi)and her familymoved to LosAngeles,where she wasworking her waythrough the thorns,fighting foraplace on thedream factory.” the end, the general audience first loved herfor her voice of thelittle girlfrom thefamousanimated seriesFamily Guy” (the -year-oldMila recorded thevoice ofthis character, and then as a talentedcomedienneone of the sexiestHollywood stars

Mila Kunis secrets

This tiny(with a height of163 cm, and aweight of,sometimeseven less),attractive brunetteBlondesdefinitelydo not livebetter.Believe me,” –she saidone day)is graduallygaining popularity: the movie“In thepassage” is consideredbreakthroughacting, rolesMaxPayne” and “The Book of Eli”, then– the famous“Black Swan”with NataliePortman.Workingon this film not only a testof her talent, but also awillpower.The factis Kunishad to playa ballerina,a rivalforPortman, so she had to look accordinglyIn five months ofdiligenttraining with aballetcoach,she lostup to 45 kgweight,this is the reasonthe worldreleaseda rumorthat theactressis sufferingfrom anorexia.In fact,it was thesacrifice of not in vain:in thethe movie was released, Milawas nominated in“Golden Globe”,she also wastwo steps away fromthe “Oscar”nomination. The ghad done its work:the followingscreen performances ofKunis Friends with Benefits”with Justin TimberlakeTed”with MarkWalberg, «Oz: The Greatand Terrible” withJames Franco.

Mila Kunis 2014

The worldwide fame of Mila was reflected not only on her career, but also on her success on the red carpet. All the looks the star chose for most festive events were followed till now. Make-up artists and hair stylists never bring Mila down- her wide, expressive eyes, are accentuated in the Twiggy style and her seductive curls always get a lot of compliments. The only thing is that Mila does not prefer long sessions of getting ready for social events as in real life she prefers to not use make up at all. As Mila says, if her big eyes were accentuated with a black pencil, all people around would think that she just forgot to wash the make up after attending a party.

Mila Kunis

We must say that she is admired both in elegant outfits in movie premieres and awards and in casual outfits like for example a simple T-shirt and jeans, as she is often photographed in Los Angeles. As we all know, Ashton Kutcher left Demi Moore for her and very soon they will become parents.

5 beauty secretes of Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

-Mila is not a supporter of diets, not speaking about strict diets. If she was allowed to eat everything she wants, and maintain at the same time the body shape, three times a week she is training intensively with a personal trainer. Kunis does not like cardio trainings, but instead she likes Pilates. Judging by the way Mila looks, all she does is just enough to stay in shape.

-A healthy and balanced dietis of courseimportant, butshe canafford togoodiesice cream orchocolate barsit’s a funwhichcan not refuse.In addition,theactressoftencan not do without inthe eveningglass of wineand mebest friends” – recognized thestar.

-Milajokinglysays thatbecause of herbrown eyesshe looks like aJapanese anime.Therefore, when speaking about aevery day eye make-up she applies justa littlepencilthe outer corners.

-Paparazzioften“catch”on the street withoutmakeup.It is impossible notto recognize thatwithout makeup, her skinlookssmooth.And the actress takes care of it by doing few simple steps she does not forgetto wash her facein the mornings andevenings.

-Mila has her own perfume, she never parts with the Carnal Flower scent, by Frederic Malle. By the way, while creating this perfume, he was inspired by his trip to California, here Mila spends most of the time of her life.

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Mila Kunis beauty secrets
Mila Kunis beauty secrets images

2019 year
2019 year - Mila Kunis beauty secrets pictures

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Mila Kunis beauty secrets photo

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Mila Kunis beauty secrets new photo

pics Mila Kunis beauty secrets
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Watch Mila Kunis beauty secrets video
Watch Mila Kunis beauty secrets video

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