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Most Popular DJs

David Guetta - Popular DJ from France

David Guetta began his musical activity at the age of 17, discovering such directions as house. Already by the age of 20 he becomes famous in France and arranges his own parties. Worldwide popularity came to DJ in 2004, when he released the track The World Is Mine. This work has become a real house anthem, it could be heard in the top clubs of the world, including in Russia. Guetta was the best DJ for DJ Magazine and the best music performer of the MTV Europe Music Awards. He collaborated with such famous performers as Rihanna, Fergie, LMFAO, Niki Minaj, Asher, Aikon and others.

Tiesto - music from the Netherlands

Tiesto began to try himself as a DJ while still in school. From the age of 12, he became closely interested in electronic music, and at 14 he already tried to compose his own tracks. The first place of work Tiesto became a small club in his hometown. Fame came to the young DJ after he was noticed by the director of the musical company Basic Recordings Beat. And his first solo album, In My Memory, released in 2001, brought him special popularity.
Now DJ is one of the most recognizable persons of club culture.He regularly becomes the headliner of various events dedicated to trance music. Also Tiesto is engaged in producing and designing clothes. Since 2013, he has been the face of the fashion brand GUESS.
Tiesto is one of the richest people in the Netherlands and regularly participates in charity events.

Armin van Buren - the leader of trance music

Armin van Buren was also born and raised in the Netherlands. His development was influenced by parents who loved music. From the age of 10, van Buren showed an interest in creating electronic music, and at the age of 16 he created his first successful remix. Famous Dutch producer Ben Librand became interested in his music and helped start a DJ career.
The success of van Buren came after a speech in Ibiza in 1999. Since then, his music has always sounded at a dance resort. At the same time DJ created his own brand - Armind. Van Buren collaborated with other famous DJs - Tiesto and Ferri Korsten.
From 2007 to 2012, Armin van Buren became the best DJ DJ Mag magazine.
He also created one of the largest record companies, Armada Music, together with Michael Piron and David Lewis.Since 2003, van Buren is the host of the radio show A State of Trance, where he talks about new club music. The show is popular around the world.

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Most Popular DJs

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Most Popular DJs

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