How Do Laxatives Work?

Quick action laxatives

Classification of laxatives

Laxatives differ in the method and mechanism of action. Some of them induce the intestines to increase the evacuation activity, providing a stimulating effect on the nerve endings of the mucous membrane. This group of laxatives includes natural products: Plantex castor oil or buckthorn bark and artificially created preparations, for example, Bisacodil.
A very important stage of digestion that occurs in the intestine is the absorption of water from the liquid mass of feces. The next group of laxatives prevents its absorption. In this case, the mass of feces increases, stimulates the intestines and encourages it to defecate. These tools include: magnesia, Glauber's salt and magnesium sulfate.
The next category of laxatives does not affect the condition of the intestines, but the physical characteristics of feces.For example, when using seaweed, the amount of feces increases, due to the agar-agar contained in it. The following agents have such an effect: Macrogol and Lactonosis.
There are also combined drugs that show a strong laxative effect. These include: "Izaman", "Normakol" and "Regulaks."
All laxative drugs differ in intensity of exposure to the body. The choice of medication depends primarily on the purpose of its use. There are piercing laxatives used for preoperative cleaning of the intestines: "Sorbitol" and "Glucit". Such laxatives are used before fasting.
Another group of drugs effective in the treatment of constipation, increasing motor activity in the intestines and promoting the output of feces: Tsisaprid and Tegaserod.

Constipation prevention

Very often, chronic constipation is caused by a disease of the digestive system and the gastrointestinal tract. Before using drugs, you can try to improve the situation with the following recommendations:
- after waking up thirty to forty minutes before breakfast, drink one or two glasses of water at room temperature. With this procedure, the stomach is cleared and the process of digestion is started;
- Massage the abdomen.

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Images: Quick action laxatives Quick action laxatives
Images: Quick action laxatives Quick action laxatives
Images: Quick action laxatives Quick action laxatives