Max Weber & Modernity: Crash Course Sociology #9

Sociology as a modern science

Sociology studies society, its systems, patterns of functioning and development, relationships and community, and social institutions. In accordance with the subject of study, modern sociology has several branches and is divided into theoretical, empirical, and applied.
Theoretical sociology is engaged in an objective study of society in order to obtain theoretical knowledge of it, an adequate interpretation of social phenomena and human behavior. This direction is closely connected with empirical sociology.
Empirical sociology is a set of studies, the basis of which consists of technical and methodological methods and techniques for describing and processing sociological information. This area is also called sociography, indicating the descriptive nature of this discipline, or doxography, since its main function is to study social attitudes and public opinion of various communities and social groups, the consciousness and behavior of social masses.
Applied sociology focuses on the practical aspect of studying the social system and is engaged in solving important social problems using existing sociological knowledge.
Modern sociology as a whole can be divided into three levels. At the top level are general sociological theories and knowledge. The middle level contains branch theories: cultural, political, legal, economic sociology and others. Here are the special theories (personality, youth, family, etc.). The lower one contains specific scientific research in the field of sociology.
Modern sociology is also subdivided into micro- and macrosociology, depending on the level at which society is studied. The micro level is made up of small social systems and interactions, and the macro level is made up of global systems and processes within a single society.
The subject of the study of macrosociology is large social structures on the example of the social structure of society, large social groups, social institutions, communities and strata, as well as the processes occurring in them. Microsociology explores small social interactions and groups, social networks and relationships,arising between individuals and groups of people depending on their position in society.

Video: Sociology of WE Du Bois: why Du Bois is the founder of American scientific sociology

Sociological Theory and Levels of Analysis
Sociology as a modern science

Sociology as a modern science

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