10 of the best rugged, most durable smartphones

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Review addedFebruary 6, 2014authordelirius

Sony Ericsson WT19i

Stylish but fragile smartphone

I bought a Sony Ericsson WT19i smartphone for a stylish look and the presence of 2 stereo speakers on the back side. He generally plays music very high quality and loudly, it can be called his distinguishing feature. The smartphone has some cool "chips" that distinguish it from other similar gadgets, it has many different programs installed, most of which, however, I did not need. The disadvantages of a smartphone include the fact that it badly “takes a punch”. After several drops, the paint on it peeled off, thin black lines appeared on the screen (i.e., whole rows of pixels stopped working). In addition, there were problems with the sensor - the smartphone began to react badly to touch.
Stylish design.
Powerful processor, thanks to which the device works very fast.
Ability to install the latest versions of Android.
It is not resistant to shocks.
Many pre-installed programs that are difficult to remove.
Low camera speed.

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Stylish but fragile smartphone

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Stylish but fragile smartphone

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