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Sundresses Summer 2014

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Summer is the time when we should not neglect the fashion trends and hide behind gray and black colors. In the hottest time of the year, nothing will adorn a woman’s body better than a properly fitted dress. Summer dresses have long been the favorites of every woman, as it not give only the image of romance, but also protect from the heat.

Models of sundresses are so diverse that even every lady insecure of her own figure and charm can find a summer dress that will make her happy. The length will help hide legs imperfections, the short cut model, on the contrary, will expose all the most advantageous parts of the body, and a medium length article is perfect for a summer date or a walk along the coast, especially when you want to look delicate.

Sundresses 2014

Features of fashionable models of sundresses in 2014

At first, we suggest to familiarize with highlights of sundresses cuts from collections of fashion designers in 2014.

  • Low neckline on the back
  • Low-cut
  • Flounces, lace, ruffles that adorn the lower border of the sundress
  • A-shape silhouette
  • Maxi length
  • Multi-layering (combination of fabrics in one colour as well as in contrasting shades)

Sundresses Summer

Medium length sundresses

Sundresses up to mid-knee have taken a worthy place on the podium and became one of the favorites in the collections of the Spring-Summer 2014 of many fashion houses. Medium length models with ruffles, flounces, pleating, and embroidery will be at the height of popularity. Flowing and light fabrics is a plus in such sundresses and the color palette knows no bounds.

Medium dresses

Medium dress

Medium dress

Long sundresses

Several seasons by now, designer advice to not wear in summer bold mini but long dresses and bohemian models. A Greek-style sundress made ​​of soft and almost transparent chiffon can be combined with shoes on heels, ballet flats or flip-flops. Footwear will complement the look and, as a rule, will determine the intentions of its owner.

Long dresses

Long dress

Long dress

Short sundresses

Many fashion houses have decided not to hide a woman’s beauty, and choose short sundresses and sexy dresses for long and medium length models. Mini sundresses it’s always something bright and memorable, and in combination with slim and tanned legs will create an explosive cocktail of seductiveness. Such sundresses have to be made of soft and air-proof fabrics. For example, cotton and silk. Some designers choose lace fabric or viscose.

Short dresses

Short dress

Multilayered sundresses

In 2014, designers offer to wear multilayered sundresses. This will add the product romanticism and its possessor confidence in their own irresistibility. Multilayered sundresses of multicolor style can be combined with one color line or go the way of contrast and combine colors occupying opposite positions on the color wheel. Multi-layering is a combination of different fabrics, so thanks to the imagination of designers, are born most unusual and bold combinations.




Colours of trendy sundresses 2014

Designers do not apply special restrictions in the color palette, the main thing is that the summer sundress should be vivid. Particular attention should be paid to orange, yellow, blue and turquoise colors. Models of pastel sundresses (beige, milky, ivory, pale pink) made of delicate silk will fit into the atmosphere of the summer holiday. White sundresses well remain immortal. Such products have been and are likely to remain for a long time the kings of the summer season.



Floral print – the flavour of the month

Summer 2014 will definitively be very bright. Flowing dresses, decorated with flowers of different sizes, promise to do their job. Leading position among fabrics for fashion sundresses 2014 is occupied by floral print materials.

Sun dresses

Floral print

Sun dresses

Summer is the perfect time to demonstrate our beautiful shapes. Don’t hide the perfections of your body but underline them with fashionable and stylish models of sundresses. The good thing in this season is that designers paid a lot of attention to summer dresses and took care of every type of body shapes, offering the most successful for each fit.

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Sundresses Summer 2014
Sundresses Summer 2014 images

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Sundresses Summer 2014 images
Sundresses Summer 2014 images

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pictures Sundresses Summer 2014

Watch Sundresses Summer 2014 video
Watch Sundresses Summer 2014 video

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