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The diet of a nursing mother: watermelons and melons

It is the quality and quantity of food consumed by the mother that determines the availability and properties of breast milk. A competent diet has an important role for the mother as well - useful for a woman to recover faster after childbirth. Among the controversial issues during breastfeeding is the possibility of drinking watermelons and melons.

Watermelons and melons during lactation

Melon fragrant and juicy watermelons for lactating mothers, in the absence of colic, flatulence and other digestive problems, can be found in the infant. It is necessary to eat melons with caution, choosing only ripe products in a season. You can not eat early melons and watermelons, because they can be grown using nitrates. To determine whether a watermelon or a “dangerous” one is in front of you is probably only possible with the use of special devices.
In order not to cause allergies in the baby, it is necessary to introduce ripe "whales" and yellow melons into the diet gradually.To start, eat one or two slices of watermelon and follow the reaction of the child. It can be expressed in a rash on the body, bloating, increased flatulence, diarrhea, and other side effects. If there are no alarming symptoms, in a day or two you can increase a portion.
Watermelons and melons are good for moms and babies, because these foods improve digestion. They contain a lot of vitamins, valuable fiber, folic acid, iron and potassium. Melon and watermelon strengthen the immune system, have a beneficial effect on mood.

When you can not eat watermelons and melons nursing mother

It is necessary to refrain from eating melons and watermelons to lactating mothers if the woman suffers from gastritis, has other ailments of the gastrointestinal tract. You can not eat melon crops, if the mother is diagnosed with diabetes. Also, do not include fragrant melon and sweet watermelon, if we are talking about individual intolerance to the product. It can be observed in a nursing mother and a child.
It is necessary to refuse the use of water-melons and melons if there are any doubts in safety of these products. To determine the ripeness of the fruit, you must follow the simplest rules.Well ripened melons and watermelons will exude a strong sweet aroma, their “tails” will be dry, and the peel will be bright. Cracks and spots on the peel - an indicator of poor quality.
Often, doctors do not recommend watermelons and melons to be consumed by nursing mothers in the first months of a child’s life. But if the crumbs do not have colic, melons and gourds can be eaten in reasonable quantities during lactation.

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The diet of a nursing mother: watermelons and melons

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The diet of a nursing mother: watermelons and melons

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