Naam (1986) Full Hindi Movie | Nutan, Sanjay Dutt, Kumar Gaurav, Amrita Singh, Poonam Dhillon

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The name of the film does not match the content

The name of the film does not match the content

The film tells about the producer, who sends three artists to the gala event. They work in a symphony orchestra and, apart from classical music, they know nothing more. At the holiday, everything is not quite successful and the client does not pay for their work. The guys go to an extreme measure - theft.
Having watched the entire movie completely, I did not understand why he had such a name. Since only at the end it is summed up that friendship in life helps. Although throughout the entire movie about the friendship is not mentioned. I didn’t like the plot myself, and the actor’s play is the most usual, any one could have played such a role.
The complete lack of jokes is a bit annoying.In general, the movie at a time.
Film at once.
Banal plot.
Lack of humor.


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The name of the film does not match the content

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