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Tip 2: How to become a winner

In order to understand why people need a right, it is necessary to designate its functions. There are only two of them: to establish norms of behavior (rules), making them obligatory for all members of society, and to ensure that these norms are observed. The regulatory function is carried out by securing human rights and freedoms in various normative acts, while the guarding function is established by imposing bans and implementing punishment for offenses committed.
In most cases, the general notion of law is considered in conjunction with the notion of the state, since it carries out law-making activities, and it is through the state that the enforcement rules are applied to violators of the law.
The norms of law are usually classified according to their characteristics. The first group includes eligible rules. They set what you can do. Mandatory norms contain prescriptions, that is, they establish what should be done.Prohibiting standards, as the name implies, establish what cannot be done.
Since a person interacts with different systems throughout his life, becomes a participant in various relationships, there are various branches of law (civil, criminal, financial, administrative, labor, etc.). Each of them regulates the type of relationship that falls under its rules. And each branch has its own method of legal influence.
If the criminal law system did not exist, people would not feel safe. From many offenses against the life and health of a person, his property, honor and dignity of a potential criminal, the punishment threatening the offense stops. Without civil law, the mechanisms for regulating contractual relations into which a person enters every day (in a store, in public transport, at work) would weaken. The chain can be continued, but whatever area of ​​life you take, chaos would have been established without the right.

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Tip 2: How to become a winner

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Tip 2: How to become a winner

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