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Tip 2: How to come up with the design of the villa

To choose the design of the room, you must first decide on the style of the interior, that is, with a single artistic direction. In a harmoniously decorated and furnished room, a person will feel comfortable if the interior matches his taste. If the whole apartment or house is decorated in the same style, then choose it to create the interior of the room. Otherwise, follow the tips below.
Analyze your lifestyle. This is the first criterion for choosing a design - fashion changes, tastes, too, but you will have to live in a room, so it must correspond to real life conditions. For example, high-tech style, involving a large number of sharp corners, metal objects and glass furniture, is not suitable for a home where there is a child, especially for a child�s room. To decorate a room in minimalism is not worth it if there are a lot of people living in an apartment.An "air" bedroom in pastel colors is not the best option in a house where there are pets. Follow practicality considerations.
Choosing an interior style, proceed from the purpose of the room and the tastes of the tenant. In the nursery, it is desirable to use bright, but not annoying colors. In the bedroom - to create a calm, warm atmosphere in a classic style. There are no strict rules regarding the design of the living room, kitchen or dining room. It is also important to take into account your own tastes, because the interior is a personal space. Therefore, it is not necessary to listen to friends or to put into practice the interiors of magazines. But to get acquainted with the advice of professional designers will not be superfluous.
When the interior style has been chosen and its main tasks are indicated, draw a plan of the room in scale, measuring all the walls, ceiling, doors and windows. If a room combines several functions, consider how best to divide it into zones. The main zones in any home are: entrance hall, eating area, recreation area, work, cooking, and so on. For example, the workplace is desirable to place in a dead end - such conditions most contribute to concentration.To distinguish between parts of the room, use color, different partitions, furniture.
Consider the characteristics of the room, its advantages and disadvantages - in lighting, size, proportions. Design techniques will help you visually expand the room, increase ceilings, add light. For example, if the windows in the room are facing north, it is advisable to use warm, bright and saturated colors in the design and think about the lighting. Large and bright patterns on the wallpaper visually reduce the size of the room, vertical stripes make the ceilings high.

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Tip 2: How to come up with the design of the villa

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