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Tip 2: How to offer to live together

You will need
  • Paper, pen, stickers, envelope, candles.
Analyze the situation in which you find yourself. If both of you are no longer dependent on your parents and live in your own apartments, then living together can be financially attractive. For example, it will be possible to rent one of the apartments, and live in the other. However, if you do not have a separate housing, then you will need to think about whether you have the opportunity to pay for renting an apartment. Otherwise, you will have to live with your parents.
Follow the mood of your soulmate on this. If you know each other fairly well, then it’s easy for you to determine if your loved one has a desire to live together. If it is obvious, then act without thinking. If in doubt, ask some suggestive questions that will help you clarify the situation.
Make your offer in a romantic setting.Arrange a holiday for yourself and for your second half. Cook dinner, set the table, light the candles. Let your darling feel all your care and efforts. During dessert, say that you do not want her to leave. You can hardly refuse after such a pleasant evening.
Write a note. It is often harder to say than to write. Of course, serious things should be dealt with face to face. But if you are confident in the affirmative answer, you can beat your proposal. Prepare a letter and put it in a beautiful envelope. Write the name of your beloved on it and leave it in the most prominent place in your apartment.
Stick stickers on furniture, interior decorations, etc. Write on them what these items think about moving your loved one to you. Write how happy the refrigerator, sofa, switches.

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Images: Tip 2: How to offer to live together Tip 2: How to offer to live together
Images: Tip 2: How to offer to live together Tip 2: How to offer to live together