5 Poi Tips to Improve Your Spinning Today!

Tip 2: How to pick up spinning

You will need
  • - fishing rod;
  • - crossing rings;
  • - coil;
  • - fishing line.
Buying spinning, first of all, pay attention to the material from which the rod is made. Bamboo and metal spinning rods seem heavy and little elastic. To get rid of this problem, there is an alternative opportunity - to choose a spinning rod with a fiberglass rod that is flexible, lightweight and durable. Spinning with fiberglass rods available at a price. The carbon fiber rod (or carbon fiber) combines very small weight and good flexural strength. Unfortunately, a fishing instrument with a carbon-fiber rod does not withstand punches on hard objects. With careful handling, this spinning will be a great assistant in the hunt for large fish. The complex manufacturing process and the high cost of carbon fiber is reflected in the price of the product.
Having decided on the rod, focus on such a significant moment as a spinning test. The lower limit of the test shows at what minimum weight the nozzle spinning will clearly respond to different types of casting. The upper limit of the test indicates the maximum calculated weight limit of the bait, an increase in which can lead to an overload of the rod and damage to the product. Along with the test indicates the class rod: light, medium or heavy.
String spinning is an important indicator that indicates the deflection of the rod. If the rod bends noticeably and instantly only the tip is returned, then it is spinning with a fast formation. If the rod bends in a parabola from the tip to the butt, then such a spinning has a slow build. Give preference to the rod with a system that is suitable for the casting technique used and the method of catching. With a short backswing with a sharp cast, choose a rod with a fast formation. Spinning with a slow build is suitable for a wide and smooth swing.
It is preferable to choose a spinning handle, which is made of cork natural material.Unlike an artificial handle, it has a low thermal conductivity, does not electrify and does not slip. Strive to get a spinning with rigid rings of low weight. The diameter of the rings affects the casting distance, and the number and proper distribution of the rings on the rod are responsible for evenly transferring the load to the rod. Rings are chrome or carbide-silicon. The latter are quite fragile.
Spinning is considered fully equipped when equipped with a reel and fishing line. Far casting and control of the fishing line is easier to make spinning with the inertia-free coil. She allows to use a bait of small weight. The inertia reel has a simple construction. For the price it is cheaper than the inertia-free coil. Spinning, equipped with an inertia reel, does not require much effort when pulling a large fish out of the water. Choose a line of such thickness, elasticity and strength so that its use in the construction of the spinning does not reduce the effect provided by other components aimed at successful fishing. Spinning selection is a limitless creative process that is based on theoretical knowledge supported by fishing experience.
The conditions of the experiments for removing the testimony of the test are different from natural fishing, therefore, they do not always coincide with the stated values.
Helpful advice
The structure of the whip can be found at the spinning selection stage. Pull the rod for vershinku and see how it bends and how fast it returns to its original position.

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Images: Tip 2: How to pick up spinning Tip 2: How to pick up spinning
Images: Tip 2: How to pick up spinning Tip 2: How to pick up spinning