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The function of sending files to the Odnoklassniki social network is initially absent due to the danger of creating additional load on the site servers. If you need to send a message with an attachment to another user, you will have to resort to some tricks. For example, if you want to send a photo or video file, simply upload them to the appropriate sections of your profile, and then send a link to another user via private messages.
Contact your friend and ask him how it will be more convenient for him to accept the file from you. For example, ask what his email address is. Most likely, each of your contacts has an e-mail address, as its address must be indicated when registering in a social network. Having learned the e-mail address, go to your email service and send a letter to your friend, attaching the necessary file to it as an attachment.
Ask if the user has a registered account in any Internet messenger, for example, ICQ or Skype. These services allow you to send each other various files. To do this, you will first need to send your friend a notification about adding him to your contact list. To send a file, simply move it in the field to create messages. You can also find out whether the user has registered accounts on other social networks that provide the ability to share files, and then transfer them using them.

Tip 2: How to send a video file in 2019

There are situations when it is necessary to transfer a video file without uploading it to video hosting. Of course, you can use the converter and reduce the file size to match the parameters for email attachments. Naturally, the quality of the video will suffer. In order to send a video file without additional conversions, you can use the services of a file-sharing resource. One such resource is Sendspace.
How to send a video file
You will need
  • Browser
  • Video file
Left-click on the Browse button. In the Explorer window that opens, select the video file you want to send. Click on the "Open" button.
In the To field, paste in the email address of the recipient of the file. In the From field you can insert your email address. The latter, however, is not necessary. Left-click on the Click to add a description text and type a description of the file. This action is also optional.
Left-click on the Upload button. Wait until the file is downloaded. An email will be sent to the email address that was entered as the recipient’s address with a link to the file you downloaded. If you specified your own e-mail address as the sender's address, you will receive an e-mail notification when the file has finished downloading with a link to this file.
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Sendspace has a limit on the size of the file sent without registering and buying a paid account. This resource allows you to upload files up to 300MB. If your video file does not pass through the parameters of Sendspace, you can use a similar resource Filedropper. Its interface is similar to the Sendspace interface, and the limit on the size of the downloaded file is 5GB.This resource is available at
You can also use the Yandex disk service to transfer large video files, but this resource requires registration.
Helpful advice
If you are sending a file to a user who does not speak Russian, use resources with an English interface to send files. As practice shows, English-speaking users have much more problems with Cyrillic interfaces than Russian-speaking with English-speaking sites.

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Tip 2: How to send a video file in 2019

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Tip 2: How to send a video file in 2019

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