What Video Card to Buy - Late 2017

Tip 2: Selecting a video card for the PC

The most important indicators of the video adapter include the frequency of the graphics processor, the data bus width from the video controller to the processor, the memory size and frequency, and the availability of video outputs. It is also important which version of the shaders the video card supports. The higher all these parameters, the better the adapter will be, but the cost can go to crazy numbers.

For standard tasks, work in office applications, the Internet and watching movies, it is enough to take a video card with a weak performance of up to $ 50. Typically, this adapter is equipped with 1 GB of GDDR2 RAM and a processor up to 600 MHz. These budget cards are represented by brands and GeForce, and Radeon. But it should be said that now new films extracted, for example from Blue-Ray disks, on such maps can be displayed with interruptions.

For games, video editing will need a more powerful video card capable of processing high resolutions. The price range of such adapters is very wide, ranging from $ 100.The main thing in such video cards is the presence of hardware support for shaders and DirectX, the more expensive the card, the higher version of shaders it supports. The best option for today's games is a video card with support for shaders version 5 and DirectX 11. For $ 100, you can buy a card with 2GB of GDDR5 RAM and a 800 MHz processor.

For professional work with three-dimensional graphics and environmental modeling video card for games is not enough. Programs such as 3ds MAX and other 3D processing packages require adapters for 3D computations for high-quality work. Such specialized adapters cost a lot of money, an average of 3 thousand dollars. They are mainly used in large firms engaged in three-dimensional modeling.

Today, two manufacturers are dominating the video card market - Ati and NVidia. Ati promotes the Radeon brand, and NVidia, Geforce. There is no big price difference between them, as for example, in the case of Amd and Intel processors, so which manufacturer to choose is reduced to individual sympathy.

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Tip 2: Selecting a video card for the PC

Tip 2: Selecting a video card for the PC

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