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Tip 2: What to do if it hurts to swallow

Inflammation of the tonsils always causes pain. But sometimes they are so strong that they cause unbearable pain with each swallowing of saliva. However, with the help of a complex of thermal procedures, you can get rid of pain in a relatively short time.
What if it hurts to swallow
To get rid of tonsil inflammation, use heat treatments that have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Namely, inhalation, gargling with a warm solution, hot drink. Herbal decoctions are great for this purpose.
For the preparation of herbal broth brew the most affordable and widely used tool - chamomile. It perfectly removes inflammation of the tonsils. Pour 4 tbsp into the teapot. plants 2 cups boiling water. Wrap it in heat so that the decoction is well infused. After 10-15 minutes, when it cools down a little, make first an inhalation of it.
During inhalation, inhale the vapor in your mouth from the spout of the kettle, and exhale with the nose.At the same time, sit comfortably or tilt your head so that the direction of the steam is on the tonsils. Do not let the spout out of your mouth so that the steam does not leave. If necessary, take a short break. Continue the procedure for about 5-7 minutes (by sensation).
After inhalation, drink a small cup of strained chamomile broth, hot, in small sips. Leave the remaining broth to rinse. It should be moderately warm. Perform a complex of these procedures at least 3 times a day, and with strong inflammation - 5 times. Each time, brew a new decoction.
You can also use eucalyptus, rosemary, coniferous decoction, St. John's wort and calendula or a mixture of these plants for inhalation and gargling. Usually two or three days is enough to relieve inflammation of the tonsils and get rid of a sore throat. To achieve a greater effect 3-4 times a day, dissolve a teaspoon of honey, as well as candies with an antiseptic and faringosept pill.

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Images: Tip 2: What to do if it hurts to swallow Tip 2: What to do if it hurts to swallow
Images: Tip 2: What to do if it hurts to swallow Tip 2: What to do if it hurts to swallow