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Tip 2: Where was born Lermontov

���Everyone who is interested in the works of M.Yu. Lermontov, probably heard about Tarkhany - a village in the Penza region. Today this village is called Lermontovo. In Tarkhany, in the estate of Elizaveta Alekseevny Arsenyeva, the future poet's childhood passed. However, Mikhail Yuryevich was born not in Tarkhany, as they sometimes think, but in Moscow.

The first years of life Lermontov

Parents M.Yu. Lermontov immediately after the wedding lived in Tarkhany. Maria Mikhailovna, the mother of the future poet, was very young and weak in health. Therefore, the family council, it was decided before the birth to go to Moscow. Only in a big city could one rely on qualified medical assistance.
Future parents settled in Moscow at the Red Gate, in the house of Major General F.N. Tolya. It was there that Mikhail Yuryevich was born. It happened on October 15 (October 3, old style) of 1814.
However, the young family did not live long in the capital. In 1815, the Lermontovs moved back to Tarkhany.
Childhood years of the poet can not be called happy.Mikhail Yuryevich was not even two years old when his mother died. Grandmother and father did not get along with each other. Elizaveta Alekseevna insisted that her father, Yuri Petrovich, give the boy up for her. The father did not have enough money to support the child, while the grandmother could provide her grandson with excellent education and training. Indeed, M.Yu. Lermontov received an excellent home education.Until 1827, Mikhail Yuryevich lived in Tarkhany. But I was studying at the Noble University Guesthouse, and then at the university. So I had to move to Moscow.

Lermontov places in Moscow

The house at the Red Gate on Kalanchevskaya Street, where Mikhail Yuryevich was born, was repeatedly rebuilt and changed owners. Nevertheless, to the 100th anniversary of the poet�s birth, a memorial plaque appeared on the house with a brief note: �M. Yu. Lermontov.Plate from the former home of Major General F.N. Tolya was kept for a long time in the storerooms of the Moscow Literary Museum, until she was transferred to the newly created museum of Lermontov.
In Soviet times, this house was demolished, a high-rise was erected in its place. The building has a memorial plaque with the image of M.Yu. Lermontov.And nearby, in the park, you can see the monument to Lermontov, established in 1965.
In 1981, the Lermontov Museum was opened in Moscow. The house on Malaya Molchanovskaya Street, in which M.Yu. Lermontov together with his grandmother lived from 1829 to 1832. The poet gently loved Moscow and dedicated many poetic lines to the city.

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Tip 2: Where was born Lermontov

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