Tip 3: Shoe suede shoes

Most women when choosing shoes prefer high-quality models from natural materials. But besides quality, shoes must also be beautiful. Suede in this case is an excellent choice. At all times, the masters in the manufacture of shoes tried to choose suede as a material for the product, because it has many advantages. In suede shoes, charming female legs feel comfortable and cozy, and the walk becomes graceful and very seductive.

In the spring and autumn seasons, when it rains constantly, suede shoes remarkably protect the woman's legs from moisture. High-quality material has a well-combed pile, and there are no traces on the surface of the suede after touching.

In the conditions of modern winter, when a lot of reagents are poured onto the roads, shoes made from natural materials can easily suffer. However, it should not be because of the chemistry on the roads to deny yourself the pleasure to buy quality shoes.In addition to boots, it is enough to purchase special care products. Using such tools, you can extend the life of the shoe, keep a beautiful well-groomed look.

How to care for suede shoes?

First, these are special brushes. Brushes should be made of crepe or rubber. Secondly, you will need tools for cleaning shoes and dyes in case of fading shoes. And be sure to purchase a water-repellent spray.

In dry weather, suede needs to be cleaned daily using a brush and cleaning agents. To remove dust from the surface of the material, a slightly damp flannel fabric is perfect.

In wet weather, handy tools will come to the rescue of dirt stains. Mixing ammonia and water and wiping shoes with a cotton swab dipped in a solution, you can remove street dirt. Also, suede can be cleaned with ordinary drinking soda, which is available in every home, mixing it with warm milk. At the end of cleaning shoes should be wiped with a cotton swab, and it is best to dry over the steam.

To restore the appearance of suede, you must thoroughly clean the contaminated areas and wipe them using coarse salt. Water treatment suede does not like. It becomes coarse from water and loses its elastic properties.The surest remedy is steam. A few minutes of exposure to steam can return a fresh, beautiful look to suede shoes.

That's all.

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Images: Tip 3: Shoe suede shoes Tip 3: Shoe suede shoes
Images: Tip 3: Shoe suede shoes Tip 3: Shoe suede shoes