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Tip 3: TOP 5 drinks for the heart

You will need
  • Dispensary card; blood test results; ECG; Ultrasound of the heart
ECG monitoring with the help of the Holter device is an effective method to record an arrhythmia attack. To do this, electrodes are glued to the patient’s chest. The study consists in the continuous recording of a cardiogram for a day or more with the help of a special portable device that is fixed on the patient's belt. However, the Holter recording may not coincide with the readings of the surface standard ECG, and therefore does not replace it.
In the diagnosis of arrhythmia, laboratory blood tests are required, which will reflect changes in the concentration of potassium or thyroid hormones, which can lead to arrhythmias.
An informative method for detecting arrhythmias is echocardiography - an ultrasound examination of the heart, with which you can evaluate its work, size, shape of chambers and valves.Ultrasound allows you to detect areas with limited blood flow, abnormal cardiac muscle contraction, and traces of heart attacks. To obtain a more reliable result, stress echocardiography is sometimes recommended to the patient, which is performed after exercise or medication.
Electrophysiological examination is an effective method for detecting arrhythmias. It consists in the introduction of a thin conductor into a vein in the groin area, which advances to the atrium and records electrical impulses. In addition, through the conductor, you can give a signal from the outside, thereby provoking an arrhythmia. This often allows not only to diagnose, but also to cure the disease.
Arrhythmia of the heart during pregnancy is a threat to the health and life of the expectant mother, and all medical treatment can cause harm to the fetus. In this case, it is important to timely diagnosis at the planning stage of pregnancy, allowing the use of benign treatments, including the installation of a pacemaker.
Helpful advice
As a rule, a heart rhythm disorder develops against the background of heart and vascular diseases, therefore, prevention of arrhythmia will consist in adequate treatment of the underlying disease and a healthy lifestyle.

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Images: Tip 3: TOP 5 drinks for the heart Tip 3: TOP 5 drinks for the heart
Images: Tip 3: TOP 5 drinks for the heart Tip 3: TOP 5 drinks for the heart